International Students

De La Salle High School is proud to welcome International Students to be a part of our community.

Recently, we have welcomed students from the People’s Republic of China, Thailand, and Vietnam. These students stay with host families, attend classes, join clubs and activities and also make a strong impact on our community. From sharing their culture, making new friends, or teaching groups about their country, our International Students are vital members of this community.

De La Salle follows a 4×4 curriculum, which means that students take four classes in the fall and four different classes in the spring. Therefore, international students can enroll for a full academic year or one semester. Tuition and fees vary accordingly.

We strongly recommend that students work with an educational student exchange agency in their home country that screens the applicant for English proficiency and submits the student’s application directly to De La Salle High School. If you are unable to work with an agency, you may contact us directly.

Interested students and families should have strong verbal and written communication skills in the English language. For more information please contact Mrs. Cheryl Jarrot at (504) 895-5717, ext. 137, or email at [email protected].









Chinese Applicants

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Vietnamese Applicants

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