Academic Curriculum

8th Grade (8 Total Credits) 8th Grade Honors (8 Total Credits)
Language Arts*
Earth Science
World Geography
Physical Education / Health
Language Arts H*
Algebra I H*
Physical Science H
Latin I H


9th Grade (8 Total Credits) 9th Grade (8 Total Credits)
English I*
Algebra I*
Physical Science
Western Civilization
Religion I
Physical Education / Health

English I H
Algebra I H or Geometry H
Physical Science H (or Biology H)
Western Civilization H
Latin II H
Religion I
Physical Education / Health

10th Grade (8 Total Credits) 10th Grade Honors (8 Total Credits)
English II
World History
Religion II
Spanish I or French I
Fine Arts (or Art I and II)
Physical Education / Health (as needed)
English II H
Geometry H or Algebra II H
Biology H or Chemistry H
AP World History *
Religion II
Latin II H or Fine Arts
Physical Education (as needed)


11th Grade (i Total Credits) 11th Grade Honors (8 Total Credits)
English III
Algebra II
US History
Spanish II or French II
Religion III
Electives ** (2 Credits -see below)
English III H
Algebra III H or Advanced Math H
AP US History*
Chemistry H or Physics
Religion III
Electives** (2 Credits – see below)


12th Grade (8 Total Credits) 12th Grade (8 Total Credits)
English IV
Advanced Math
Physics or Environmental Science
Religion IV
Electives** (3 credits -see below)
English IV H / AP English*
Advanced Math H or Calculus or AP Calculus*
AP Government
Biology II H or AP Biology
Religion IV
Electives** *number needed to get to 8 credits)

* Signifies a two-semester course

** Electives include certain courses listed above as designed for upperclassmen, such as Earth

Science and World Geography; electives may change from year to year, but they generally include the following courses:

Languages (ex. Spanish IV)
Art (I, II, III, and IV)
Publications (I and II)
Teacher Intern
Orchestra Strings
Study Skills
Athletic PE
Capstone Independent Study