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4 x 4 Rotating Block Anchored by 90-minute classes
We offer an academic advantage to our students through:
 Sample 10th Grade Schedule (8 Credits)
 Fall Semester
  English II
  Physical Education
 World History
  Spring Semester
 Spanish I
 Physical Science
  Religion II
 Fine Arts
• Individualized scheduling
• 4x4 Rotating block schedule anchored in 90-minute classes
• Average class size of 22
• Co-ed learning environment
• Tracking: Dual Enrollment and Advanced Placement, Honors, College Prep—students are placed according to skill set and potential
• Inquiry-based Learning
Profile of a De La Salle Graduate
De La Salle prepares students for college, career, and life.
Preparing for College
• The top two students of the class of 2019 enrolled in Princeton University and the University of Notre Dame.
• 46% of the class of 2019 earned college credit through either Dual Enrollment courses or by earning a passing score on an Advanced Placement exam.
• Honor Graduates in DLS’s class of 2019 averaged a 28 on the ACT.
• The class of 2019 earned over $10.3 million in college scholarships and over $1.6 million in TOPS.
• 98% of our graduates are offered college acceptances. The remaining 2% enlist with a branch of the United States Armed Forces.
Preparing for Career
• Elective courses rich in career content expose students to potential career paths and hands on experience.
– Architecture, Construction, Engineering
– Business Communications
– Publications
– Robotics
Preparing for Life
De La Salle Graduates:
• Engage in collaborative work, moral reasoning, critical analysis, creative and reflective thinking.
• Utilize 21st century literacies to access, evaluate, and synthesize information and communicate effectively.
• Respect and appreciate the diverse cultures, religious beliefs, economic backgrounds, and competencies of others.
• Honor the presence of God in themselves, in others, and in all of God’s creation.
• Understand the core beliefs, commitments, and practices of Christianity and the Roman
Catholic Church.
• Recognize and respond proactively through service and advocacy to the needs of others, especially the poor and vulnerable.
 “I teach at LSU Medical School. It is no longer acceptable for me to prepare a PowerPoint and lecture a class. Today, quality education means presenting students with a topic and having them work through the information to decide what is important, identify a problem, and create a solution to that problem. What I see in the De La Salle classroom, through inquiry- based learning, is just that; and it sets De La Salle students years ahead when they enter the college classroom.”
—Dr. Bud Landry ‘77
Incoming 8th and 9th-grade students attend a 3-week enrichment course during the month of June before beginning their De La Salle careers.

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