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We are rooted in the Lasallian tradition of the Christian Brothers
De La Salle High School’s campus ministry excels in guiding young men and women of varied backgrounds and abilities to develop, reflect, and grow spiritually. In addition to Mass and a school-wide Day of Reconciliation, campus ministry also sponsors De La Salle’s “One Book for Social Justice Project” and grade level retreats.
One Book For Social Justice
Each year every member of our school community—each student, faculty and staff member, as well as many parents—study a social justice topic selected by a group of students and faculty. This project is an integral part of the De La Salle culture and our community’s commitment to examining social justice issues.
Topics studied have included:
• 2013-14: Tattoos on the Heart
• 2014-15: The Glass Castle
• 2015-16:DavidandGoliath
• 2016-17:IAmMalala
• 2017-18: Course-specific study of Incarceration
• 2018-19: Individual study and presentations exploring Environmental Justice
• 2019-20:Enrique’sJourney
Grade Level Retreats
Five Core Principles of Lasallian Schools
Faith in the Presence of God
Quality Education
Respect for All Persons
Inclusive Community
Concern for the Poor and Social Justice
     Retreats are a staple of De La Salle’s spiritual formation. Each grade level participates in religious formation once per year. Student retreats are rooted in the Five Core Principles of Lasallian Schools.
8th Grade
• Communitybuildingactivities connected to Lasallian Days of Peace.
• Assignmentoffive-yearprayerpartner.
9th Grade
• Participationinreflectionexercisesto better learn about one’s identity.
• Createaspiritualprofile.
10th Grade
11th Grade
“GOD & ME”
• Participationinreflectionexercisesto explore one’s own relationship with God andothers.
• InvitationtoparticipateintheKairos Retreat Program.
12th Grade
• ReflectiononSeniorPromises. • PreparationforRingMass.
• Participationinreflectionexercisesto explore one’s own relationship with God and others.

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