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De La Salle’s alumni community has grown to more than 11,000 members, and the impact they have on our community is substantial. Since the first graduating class in 1953, which included published and well-known New Orleans physician Dr. Charles Mary, to one of our most recent graduates, Maria Gomez-Roas, who received the 2018 William Wallace Peery Medal for Academic Excellence from Newcomb-Tulane College, De La Salle graduates have led the way in serving their communities.
The De La Salle alumni base is dedicated to continuing De La Salle’s march in excellence. Some well-known alumni one may see on campus include:
David Courcelle ‘86
            Ash Abbott ‘80 and Kelly Abbott
Caroline Huber ‘99 and Mo Crane ‘77
Christine Potter Mulhearne ‘98
Dr. Rod Williams ‘85, Jimmy Baldwin ‘70, John Humphreys ‘76
Jedadiah Jackson ‘00 and Lindsay Jackson ‘03
        Garland Gillen ‘95
 George Young ‘77
 Graham Jarrott ‘98 and Cheryl Jarrott ‘98
 Hans Liljeberg ‘86
 Iam Tucker ‘01
 Mark Brown ‘76 and Winnie Brown
 Lynn Mary Hammel, Dr. Charles Mary ‘54, Lynn Mary
      Jimmy Baldwin ’70, Mo Crane ‘77, and Oliver Delery ‘71
 Joe Patternostro ‘56 and Larry Buccola ‘80
 John Young, ‘75
 Johnny Altobello ‘74 and Paul Kelly ‘83
 Johnny Morreale ‘89 and Johnny Vodanovich ‘75
       Judge James McKay ‘64
 Julie Hauber and Chuck Meyers ‘69
 Kenneth Polite ‘94, Raphael Goyenche ‘72, Leon Canizzaro ‘71
 Kia Wright-Roberts ‘98
 Larry Langevin ‘67 and Donna Langevin
 LJ Bourgeois ‘65, Brian Altobello ‘65, Myles Seghers ‘65
      Mo Crane ‘77, Norlisha Parker Burke ‘93, Tim Burke ‘91
 Oliver Delery ‘71, Joey Scaffidi, Br. Ronald Rogganback, Ed Hughes ‘62
 Tommy Eppling ‘75, Herb Anderson ‘76, Oliver Delery ‘71
 Travers Mackel ‘92 and Fletcher Mackel ‘92
 Wynn Russo ‘70

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