Required summer reading for students entering 12th grade

In addition to the Social Justice Reading Project (click here) all 12th grade students must also complete the following required summer reading issued by the English department.

Summer Reading Instructions:

  • Read the mandatory book for your class before the first day of English class.
  • This book will be discussed in class as part of the curriculum.
  • There will be a test on this book in the first quarter of the class.
  • Purchase the book edition with the same ISBN number listed.  This makes class discussion easier.
  • If you have questions, please contact Hank Nusloch at [email protected]


English IV: Track 4
Mandatory:   Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
ISBN# 978-0345453747

English IV: Track 3
Mandatory:   1984 by George Orwell
ISBN#: 978-0451524935

English IV: Track 2
Mandatory:   1984 by George Orwell
ISBN#: 978-0451524935

AP English: Track 1
Mandatory:   Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad
ISBN # 978-1936594146


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