Student Handbook: XV – Parental Involvement

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De La Salle encourages parents to become involved in the academic progress of their sons and daughters. To encourage this involvement, De La Salle offers a Back-to-School Mini-Schedule Night in the fall and in the spring so that parents can meet teachers and receive an academic overview of students’ courses. De La Salle also offers a Parent-Teacher Conference opportunity outside of school hours in the fall and the spring so that parents can meet with teachers individually.


Any additional face-to-face Parent-Teacher conference must be by appointment only.

Parents are expressly prohibited from conferencing with teachers outside of an agreed upon appointment time.


The Parents Annual Giving (PAG) Drive at DLS takes place each fall under the direction of the Development Office and the Parents Club. The goal of this drive is to raise funds to meet the difference between projected expenses of a student education and actual tuition income. This once-a-year drive is staffed by parent volunteers.

De La Salle families are contacted by fellow parents for a financial pledge which is tax-deductible. The focus of this campaign is to insure that De La Salle continues to offer quality education and make a difference in young people’s lives. The PAG Drive is considered of equal importance with tuition payment for all parents. A major fund-raising goal for De La Salle is to have 100% response from parents for this drive.


The primary function of this Club is to support all De La Salle athletic programs. Activities include sponsorship of the All Sports Banquet, ticket and concession work, program sales and other events for the student athletes.

This organization is open to parents and families of De La Salle athletes as well as Alumni and the general public. Annual dues are $50.00 per family.

The Cavalier Athletic Club is the primary fundraising arm of the Athletic Department. The Athletic Department uses funds raised through the Cavalier Club to assist all of the Cavalier Athletic Programs in various ways. The Cavalier Athletic Club sponsors the annual All Sports Banquet, as well as various fund raising and social events throughout the school year.

All families are members of the Cavalier Athletic Club and dues are included in your annual fee bill. All are welcome to attend the monthly meetings and other organizational events throughout the school year.

ALL students are admitted FREE to all HOME athletic events during the regular season for all sports. This does not include any tournament games or LHSAA Playoff games.



The Parents Club at De La Salle is directed by an Executive Board elected to overlapping two-year terms at the spring meeting.

Events sponsored by the Parents Club include the Faculty Luncheons, Parent Meetings and refreshments at various other DLS events.

Under the direction of the Development Office, the Parents Club assists in the planning and implementing of the Parents Annual Giving Drive.

Dates of Parents Club meetings are listed in the monthly school calendar.

The dues for the De La Salle Parents Club are $60 per family which is payable during Registration. All families must pay the Parents Club dues. These funds go directly to supporting all activities mentioned above.


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