Student Handbook: XIV – School Fees

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  1. Tuition and fees and the Financial Obligation Policy apply to all students regardless of circumstances.

  2. The registration form, non-refundable registration fee and non-refundable enrollment fees are required to be signed and submitted for a student to be enrolled for the academic school year.

  3. Tuition must be paid in full before or on May 2, 2016 to De La Salle. All other tuition payment schedules are now transferred to the tuition financing program through Gulf Coast Bank.

  4. All families not paying in full by May 2, 2016 must enroll in the Gulf Coast Bank tuition program at registration. They offer a full variety of tuition payment options.

  5. Student accounts must remain in good standing, which means that all financial obligations must be fulfilled in their entirety or shall be current, in accordance with the Tuition financing program through Gulf Coast Bank.

  6. Student accounts must be current and in good standing at the start of the academic school year, or a student will not be admitted to school.

  7. Accounts which are not in good standing at any time during the academic school year will result in the student being withheld from all academic classes, examinations and extracurricular activities. The students’ coursework, grades and transcripts will remain incomplete until the account returns to good standing.

  8. Any payments received by the De La Salle Finance Office that are returned will be assessed a return fee of $50 and late fee of $35. If the delinquent funds are not received in a timely manner, students will not be allowed to attend classes, take exams, participate in extra-curricular activities, or attend school functions. Students are not reinstated until all financial obligations are satisfied. The unpaid payment and the fee shall be paid in cash, money order or certified funds.

  9. Graduating seniors’ financial obligations must be in good standing to participate in examinations, senior activities and graduation ceremonies. The students’ coursework, grades and transcripts will remain incomplete until the account returns to good standing.

  10. All outstanding balances are required to be paid in cash, money order or certified funds. Transcripts will be released only upon completion of requirements for withdrawal.


NOTE: It is understood and agreed that De La Salle High School does not refund registration and fees. The refunding of tuition is considered on a case by case basis.

For those families/parent(s)/guardian(s) paying tuition in full on or before June 1st, the Tuition Refund Insurance Plan is available and recommended but not required.

For those families choosing to pay tuition on a payment/installment plan Tuition Refund Insurance is required and must be purchased for an additional premium.


Financial assistance is based strictly upon financial need. Financial aid applications will only be reviewed if the student is fully registered and accepted. Qualified families are determined from the information included in the financial aid application through FACTS assessment. Generally, aid is not granted for more than half of tuition and does not cover registration, uniforms, or books. Aid is not automatically renewed; a new application must be submitted every year. Returning families will not be eligible to reapply for financial assistance if a prior year balance remains on the student’s account. All financial aid awards are reviewed and approved by a financial aid committee.



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