Student Handbook: XI – General Student Information

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No printed materials, circulars, advertisements, clothing or similar materials may be distributed on the campus, or at school, or placed on student cars parked in the neighborhood unless such material has been brought to the Dean of Students or a member of the Administration for approval.

This does not restrict the distribution of material concerning school-sponsored and school-approved activities.

It should be noted that all posters, campaign material and advertisements for school functions need signed approval of the faculty moderator. Moderator’s signatures must appear on the front of all posted material. They are required to be in good taste. The group or individual responsible for displaying posters or flyers is also responsible for their removal.

Circulating, signing, or endorsing petitions concerning school policy are not allowed.



Announcements over the Public Address (PA) System occur on a daily basis. However, classes will not be interrupted for personal messages unless it is an emergency.



Students that recover lost or misplaced items are required to turn them in to the “lost and found” located in the Discipline/Attendance Office. Students who have lost/misplaced items should check with the Discipline Office.


De La Salle High School’s telephone number is 504‑895‑5717. Calls to the school office may be made at any time. The receptionist will answer calls between 7:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.

It is not possible for the office to deliver messages to students during the school day except in cases of emergency.

Students are never allowed to use the phone in any office without permission. Cellular phones must be turned off during the school day and kept out of sight. They may not be used in any way, text messaging or otherwise. They are not to be seen or heard at any time on campus during the school day, unless such use is directed by the Administration.

Any and all emergency calls or messaging (incoming or outgoing) must go through the Attendance Office. After the dismissal bell, students are allowed to use their cell phones in the building (except for taking pictures or videos).


SPECIAL NOTE: If cell phones are used on campus or if they are visible, they will be confiscated until they can be returned pursuant to the following procedure. Cell phones must be picked up by the offending student’s parent or guardian and will be returned once a week – only on Wednesdays – from 2 p.m. until 3 p.m. from the Office of the Dean of Students. There are NO exceptions to this rule.

Repeated violation of the cell phone use policy may result in further disciplinary action including suspension and dismissal from De La Salle.


Students may not conduct sales on or near the campus without the approval of the Dean of Students. Students are never permitted to conduct sales for personal profit. Students are not allowed to receive deliveries of any kind during the school day. Deliveries for students will be refused.


School Masses, liturgies, and assemblies are an integral part of both the educational experience and community life at De La Salle. They are never optional – all students are required to attend all Masses, liturgies, and assemblies in their entirety. Unexcused or habitual tardiness or absences from Masses, liturgies, and assemblies will be handled in the same manner as unexcused or habitual tardiness or absences from class. Students are required to conduct themselves with all appropriate decorum and respect at these special events.

Student body assemblies and level assemblies are held in the Harris/Faye Theater, school cafeteria or gymnasium.

Assemblies are marked by quiet, orderly conduct. Entrance and dismissal are always regulated for safety purposes. Students are to sit in their assigned seats and be attentive to the program at hand.


Pep Rallies are ordinarily held in the gymnasium. Students are assigned seating areas and are to follow the directives of those in charge of the rally. Teachers check attendance at Pep Rallies. School Spirit is called for at these events, but good taste, safety, and order are to govern all.



Each student will be assigned a locker on “Welcome to De La Salle Day.” A student’s books and belongings will be kept in the locker assigned. Students are not permitted to share lockers nor are they permitted to use additional lockers.

Each student is responsible for the security of the locker and for guarding the privacy of the lock’s combination. Lockers must be kept locked at all times. Only color-coded locks officially designated as De La Salle Student Locks and sold in the De La Salle bookstore may be used to secure student lockers in the school and in the gymnasium. Other locks will be cut off. De La Salle is not responsible for articles stolen from student lockers. Lockers may be checked for orderliness. Students, under faculty supervision, may be required to clean out their lockers.



For health, safety, and pedagogical reasons, the administration and faculty reserve the right to inspect school buildings, rooms, desks and lockers of any student or any other area of the school building or grounds belonging to, or under the jurisdiction of De La Salle High School. These inspections will be based on reasonableness under all circumstances. Any Administrator or teacher may search. This will be done when he/she believes that any student has in his/her possession any dangerous weapon, alcohol or illegal drug or any other material or object in violation of the school’s Student Handbook and/or state law, or be in possession of anything detrimental to the health and safety of the individual and/or other members of the school community.

Any vehicle owned or operated by a student will also be subject to this search and seizure policy when the student is under the jurisdiction of De La Salle High School. This is a condition for allowing a student to drive a vehicle to school or to a school function.

Any student deliberately obstructing any reasonable search by authorized personnel will be disciplined after considering the extenuating circumstances of the given case.



The primary goal of the Crisis Plan of De La Salle High School is to insure the safety of the students. It is important that all students understand that they are to follow the instructions of the adults without question. This policy covers all school emergencies including evacuation and lock downs. In the case of emergency, parents should tune in to WWL-TV Channel 4 or WWL-Radio 870 AM or WWL-Radio 105.3 FM. Further updates may be provided through Edline/Blackboard.

The Crisis Plan is available in each classroom and in all offices.



Crisis drills are serious practices for emergency situations. Absolute silence and absolute adherence to regulations and procedures are necessary and expected.

Directions for exiting the buildings in an emergency are posted in each room. At the sound of the alarm, students are to leave in a quiet and orderly fashion under the direction of the adult in charge. A Major Violation will be issued to students who do not comply with the safe and orderly exit during a crisis situation or drill.


Setting off the fire alarm without just cause may be grounds for expulsion from De La Salle.


In accordance with AHERA, Asbestos Hazardous Emergency Response Act, a Management Plan has been prepared and approved by the State Department of Environmental Quality, DEQ. This Management Plan is available for you to review in the Principal’s office during school hours. If you desire a copy of the plan, it will be made available to you at the cost of $50.00 (which covers the cost of reproduction).


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