Student Handbook: X – Extra-curricular Activities

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De La Salle offers students many extra-curricular activities. Students are encouraged to become involved in one or more of these activities. Students are also encouraged to support all De La Salle activities by their presence and participation.

Students must remember that they are part of the De La Salle High School community even when they are not in school. Every student must take pride in the school and demonstrate this pride in acting and dressing appropriately at any De La Salle event, on or off campus.

Unacceptable dress or behavior may result in a student being denied permission to remain at a function. In case of grave irregularity, further disciplinary action will be taken.

Any De La Salle student who brings a guest to a school event is responsible for the appearance, behavior, and attitude of that guest. Failure to inform the guest of De La Salle rules will result in disciplinary consequences for the De La Salle student.


Academic Games Lasallian Youth Key Club
Art Club Mu Alpha Theta
Band Maroon Legend
Campus Ministry Math Club
Cavalettes National Honor Society
Cheerleaders Natl. English Honor Society
Chess Team Poetry Club
Culinary Arts Club Quill & Scroll
DATA Club Science and Safari Club
French Club Shakespeare Club
French Honor Society Spanish Club
Green Club Spanish Honor Society
International Club Speech Club
Junior Classical League Squires Club
J.E.T.S. Student Council
La Troupe De La Salle



Baseball Softball
Basketball Swimming
Cross Country Tennis
Football Track & Field
Golf Volleyball
Soccer Wrestling


School dances and proms are always closed functions for De La Salle students and their dates. Students are required to comply with the regulations governing dances. All students who attend a DLS dance are under the jurisdiction of the school whether enrolled or not and are required to comply with all regulations including dress code and courtesy code.

Once students arrive, they are not permitted to leave. Students who arrive after the published admission time are not ordinarily admitted. All De La Salle dances have a lock-in time that must be observed.

Concerning dances and extra-curricular activities, students who are not picked up by a parent/guardian immediately after an on-campus event, dance or upon return from an extracurricular function are required to wait in the area designated by the adult moderators/ chaperones. Failure to wait in the assigned area is considered a Major Violation. Those students not picked up immediately may not be allowed to attend future dances or events.

Students are to be picked up no later than thirty (30) minutes after the conclusion of the school dance. Violation of this policy may result in the student being prohibited from attending future dances, as well as further disciplinary consequences as determined by the Dean of Students.

Students MUST receive permission from the Dean of Students in order to bring a former De La Salle student to any extracurricular activity or event.


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