Student Handbook: IX – Attendance – Absence – Tardiness

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It is the responsibility and duty of both the school and the parent to cooperate in encouraging the student to establish a good school attendance record. Prompt, daily attendance in school and in every class is to be a characteristic and trait of every De La Salle High School student. Students are to be in school all day, every day that school is in session. Only illness, family bereavement, or prior clearance from the office of the Dean of Students allows a student to be absent from school.

NOTE: For every year that a student is enrolled in De La Salle, the student must live with and be responsible to a parent or legal guardian who is at least 21 years of age.

Parents of students who must be absent for an extended period are advised to contact the Guidance Office to arrange for make-up work and tutoring of the student. If a student is absent from school five (5) times in a semester course, a guidance counselor will call home and inform the parent / guardian that the student must make up missed class time beginning with the next (6th) absence. Therefore, on the sixth (6th) absence, the student will serve a Morning Detention upon his or her return to school (6:45 am – 7:30 am) for that missed day. This procedure will continue for each subsequent absence through ten (10) absences. After the student misses ten (10) days in a semester course, the student and a parent /guardian will meet with the Principal to discuss the student’s status at De La Salle. Twelve (12) absences in a semester course will result in failure for each course the student is enrolled in for that semester. (The number of permissible absences doubles for year-round courses). Absences resulting from school related activities will not count in the five-day limit. Any extended or chronic absence due to a medical problem must be verified with a doctor’s note from the attending physician. The student and parent(s)/guardian(s) must meet with a guidance counselor prior to returning to school. In some cases extended illnesses (even with a legitimate Doctor’s excuse) can cause a student to miss more school days than are allowed by the State Department of Education and a student could be required to repeat courses or the entire school year. The Principal delegates matters of attendance, dress code, discipline and the validity of absences to the Office of the Dean of Students.


  1. Procedure to follow when a student must be absent from school: Parents must telephone the school each day their child is absent from school. The phone number is 504-895-5717 ext. 119, and the call must be received before 9:00 a.m. Prior to 7:00 a.m. the parent may leave a message on the answering machine. *E-mail notification of a student’s absence or tardiness will not be accepted.

    When a student returns to school following an absence, he/she should bring a completed attendance form (available in the Attendance Office or on the school website) dated and signed by the parents/guardians, which indicates the reason for the absence. This note is in addition to the required phone call and must be presented to the Attendance Office between 7:00 a.m. and 7:30 a.m.Failure to call on the day of an absence AND to bring a note upon returning to school are grounds for further disciplinary action. Both a call and a note are required.

  2. Absence for Reasons Other Than Illness:

    A student wishing to miss school for some reason other than illness must present a completed attendance form (available in the Attendance Office) from a parent/guardian who specifies the reason for the requested absence and the days involved. This request must be submitted 5 school days in advance of the date requested.Emergency dismissal: When a student must leave school for an emergency, parents are required to sign them out through the Attendance Office. For students who drive, a verbal verification from a parent or guardian is required.

  3. Procedure to Follow When Arriving Late to School:

    A student is tardy if he/she is not in class before the bell indicating the beginning of the period.

    Any student arriving late to school must immediately report to the Attendance Office with his/her ID card to check in.A student who is tardy more than four times per term is issued a detention for each subsequent tardy. Habitual tardiness is considered a Major Violation.

  4. Class Tardiness and Absence:

    A student is tardy if he/she is not in the assigned classroom when the tardy bell sounds. With the exception of the first class of the day, a student receives a detention from the teacher when he/she arrives late to class.

    A student who fails to follow the class schedule and thereby misses a class is considered truant. Truancy is an unexcused absence and a Major Violation. The policy for unexcused absences is that the student receives a “0” for any and all grades that may have been earned for class participation, tests, term papers, and any other work issued had he/she been present. The student may be required to make up the school time missed.

    De La Salle neither explicitly nor tacitly approves of, nor allows, any student to miss school under the pretext of a “skip out” day. Any student who chooses to miss school under such a pretext is considered truant.

    On school days with a special schedule, and days prior to or immediately following a holiday, the school reserves the right to implement special promulgated guidelines regulating attendance.

  5. Procedure to Follow When Leaving School Early:

    On the day involved, between 7:00 a.m. and 7:30 a.m., the student must present a written note from a parent or guardian to the Attendance Office. The note must state the reason and time for early dismissal and is to indicate a phone number where a parent/ guardian can be contacted for verification.

    The student must check with the teachers for any assignments before leaving and turn in any assignments due that day.

    The student receives a permission slip; this slip must be kept by the student while he/she is off campus; it is necessary for re-admission into class.

  6. Extracurricular Involvement:

    All students involved in extracurricular activities must maintain at least a “C” academic average. Averages are calculated at each progress and each marking period. A coach or moderator may establish benchmarks for his/her activity to assist students in time management and establishing habits that lead to academic success.

    Students must be in attendance a minimum of half of the academic day in order to be eligible to participate in an extracurricular or athletic practice or event for that day unless given special permission by the Dean of Students.

    Students who check out early are not allowed to participate in any extracurricular activities unless given special permission by the Principal or Dean of Students. A student who is absent on the school day before a dance or other weekend activity may not attend or participate in the event without special permission.

  7. Limited P.E. Exemptions:

    A student may have a temporary physical limitation which will preclude participation in Physical Education class. If this is the case, a parent should contact the Assistant Principal to make the necessary arrangements. If a class change is required, parents need to contact the Assistant Principal.

  8. Emergencies – School Closure:

    In case of emergencies such as hurricanes or other natural disasters, WWL 870 AM, WWL 105.3 FM radio or WWL-TV are the official carriers of information regarding school closure for De La Salle. Further updates may be provided through Edline/Blackboard and the De La Salle website.

  9. College Visit Policy:

    De La Salle High School encourages students in all grade levels to visit colleges on school holidays and other days throughout the semester when students are not in class. If a student visits a college/university on a school day, his/her absence will be treated as a normal absence from school and will count as such when a review is made of attendance records for “Perfect Attendance” recognition. However, if the college visit is approved by the College Guidance Counselor ahead of time in a timely manner, the visit will not be counted as an absence. Juniors and Seniors are allowed three (3) college visits per year. Students must complete the College Visit form (with all required signatures) and return it one week prior to the date of the visit.


NOTE: It is at the discretion of the Dean of Students to allow or not allow a college visit if the form is handed in late. Upon his/her return, the student must bring the Dean of Students a letter from the college stating that a visit occured.

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