Bus Service

2016-2017 De La Salle Bus Service

Students may only board the bus at the stop that is listed on the students bus pass.

This bus schedule is intended for approved bus service only. Students must show the bus driver the bus pass before boarding the bus, students not approved for bus service will not be able to board the bus.  There will be no exceptions.

Afternoon Service will leave school 30 minutes after dismissal.  The bus pass and school ID is non-transferable. NO GUESTS PERMITTED.  Students risk being removed from future use of the bus transportation service if these rules not followed.

If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Bonura at [email protected] .

Morning Pickup Schedule


Westbank 1st Stop Oakwood Sears 6:35am
Westbank 2nd Stop Algiers Library 6:45am
Westbank 1st Stop Winn-Dixie Marrero 6:20am
Westbank 2nd Stop Best Buy Mahattan 6:30am
Eastbank 3rd Stop Academy Elmwood 6:55am
Eastbank 1st Stop Rouses / McDonald’s 6:35am
2nd Stop Sears Clearview 6:45am
Eastbank One Stop Winn-Dixie Vet’s 17th 6:55am

Afternoon Drop Off

Afternoon Service will leave school 30 minutes after

Westbank 1st Stop Algiers Library
Westbank 2nd Stop Oakwood Dollar Tree
Eastbank 1st Stop Academy – Elmwood
Westbank 2nd Stop Best Buy Manhattan
Westbank 3rd Stop Winn-Dixie Marrero
Eastbank 1st Stop Winn-Dixie Vets 17th
Eastbank 2nd Stop Sears Clearview
Eastbank 3rd Stop Walgreens at Airline

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