Students of The Month

  • JuliaSmith

    8th GRADE:

    Julia Smith

    Nominated by: Coach Perniciaro

    Julia arrives daily to class ready to work in World Geography. During our recent activity, Julia created an excellent pamphlet showcasing the city of New Orleans.

  • EmilyWesley

    9th GRADE:

    Emily Wesley

    Nominated by: Coach Deritter

    Emily is engaged from bell to bell.  She participates every day in class and is always prepared.

  • AniaKushnir

    10th GRADE:

    Ania Kushnir

    Nominated by: Mrs. Newman

    Ania is a very conscientious student.  She always gives her best effort and has a very positive attitude.  She explains the more difficult problems to the classmates around her.

  • GageStahl

    11th GRADE:

    Gage Stahl

    Nominated by: Mrs. Cunningham

    Gage always works hard and helps others in class. He is always very respectful, even when he is being redirected.

  • CedricSnow

    12th GRADE:

    Cedric Snow

    Nominated by: Mr. Kelly

    Cedric is interested in finding things out, NOT grades.  He is a BIG thinker and an impressive creative talent.