Students of The Month

  • MatthewTheriot

    8th GRADE:

    Matthew Theriot

    Nominated by: Mrs. Cunningham

    “Matthew is extremely pleasant, courteous, and helpful.  He is very enthusiastic about coming to class every day and being a De La Salle student.”

  • SundiataBondojia

    9th GRADE:

    Sundiata Bondojia

    Nominated by: Coach Karl

    “Having Sundiata in my class last semester was a privilege.  He was very hardworking and a perfectionist with all of his assignments.  He did his best on every single assignment, no matter how big or small.  Sundiata is very deserving of this honor. “

  • QuincyCage

    10th GRADE:

    Quincy Cage

    Nominated by: Mrs. Ellis

    “Quincy is polite and respectful.  His work is always thoroughly completed, and he takes responsibility for his actions.   He wants to learn and asks questions until he understands.  His positive attitude toward school aids in his academic success.”

  • JamieAngelo

    11th GRADE:

    Jamie Angelo

    Nominated by: Sra. Palacios

    “Jaime is a hard worker, very polite and friendly. It’s a pleasure to teach her.  She is always willing to help out other students.  She goes above and beyond in an effort to be the best student she can be.

  • Sierra Brushwood

    12th GRADE:

    Sierra Brushwood

    Nominated by: Sra. Palacios

    “Sierra is an advanced Spanish speaker and works very hard on her fluency.  She has a real gift for languages and is a pleasure to teach.  She is polite and considerate toward her peers.”