Students of The Month

  • KyleFulton

    8th GRADE:

    Kyle Fulton

    Nominated by: Mrs. Rogers

    Kyle has a great work ethic. He is always prepared and takes great care in his work. I especially appreciate his cheerfulness and sense of humor. 

  • BrandonGauthier

    9th GRADE:

    Brandon Gauthier

    Nominated by: Mrs. Newman

    Brandon is a very meticulous student.  He has a perfect 100 average on homework and works very hard to maintain his grades.  His attitude is always positive and he gets along with everyone.

  • CatieShea

    10th GRADE:

    Catie Shea

    Nominated by: Mr. Neidhardt

    Catie is a hard-working and focused student. Always the first to begin an assignment, Catie gives 100 percent effort. Catie’s work ethic keeps her at the top of the class.

  • AngelicaHofstetter

    11th GRADE:

    Angelica Hofstetter

    Nominated by: Dr. Wagstaff

    Angelica has been a model student in Chemistry class this quarter.  She is courteous and helpful to her peers in a way that contributes to a positive learning environment.  On top of that, Angelica is maintaining an excellent grade and enjoys the challenge of learning new things.

  • NathanBritton

    12th GRADE:

    Nathan Britton

    Nominated by: Madame Gravel

    Nathaniel is helping with art classes and Art Club.  As the Art Club president, he is always planning and organizing activities.  As an Art 5 student, he is helping my Art 1 students with their projects and techniques. He helped me organize the art room, and he is very interested in learning how to plan lessons and grade projects.