Students of The Month

  • John_Kelly

    8th GRADE:

    John Kelly

    Nominated by: Coach Perniciaro

    John does an exceptional job in World Geography. John is always prepared for class, and respectful to his peers. He is not afraid to take the lead in group projects.

  • Noah_Hemelt

    9th GRADE:

    Noah Hemelt

    Nominated by: Mr. Cole

    Noah is an excellent student who always puts forth his best effort. His work is always meticulous and thorough. Noah also works well in groups, and enjoys participating in class and working out problems on the board.

  • Khaylah_Scott

    10th GRADE:

    Khaylah Scott

    Nominated by: Mr. Martineau

    Khaylah is a dynamic and exemplary student; each day she comes into class prepared to learn and help others as well. Possessing a phenomenal, upbeat attitude, she is a great example of what it means to be not only a Cavalier but a young Christian woman.

  • Melissa_Mann

    11th GRADE:

    Melissa Mann

    Nominated by: Sra. Palacios

    Melissa Mann has been an outstanding student in Spanish. Recently, she participated in the foreign language festival at Hammond and won first place in extemporaneous speaking. Melissa is reliable and very intelligent; she worked very hard in this class and is a good model for other students.

  • Gillian_Zweifler

    12th GRADE:

    Gillian Zweifler

    Nominated by: Coach Perniciaro

    Gillian arrives on a daily basis prepared for United States History. She does a great job in participating in class discussions. In addition to our class discussions, Gillian does a great job with completing her assigned projects.