Memorials and Tributes


The De La Salle High School community shares in the losses of our alumni and friends. If you are aware of the death of an alumnus, a parent, or a friend, please send the obituary information to [email protected].

Many of our Cavaliers request gifts to be made in lieu of flowers for their loved ones, such generosity is greatly appreciated as a way to honor or memorialize a member of the De La Salle family.

Click Here to Make a Gift in Honor or Memory for your loved one

Rodney D. Adams ’55
John D. Abadie ’70
Robert E. Ahrens ’55
Timothy George Alexander ’71
Thomas W. Alfano ’55
Victoria Wagar Arcuri ’08
Louis (Rene) R. Arnaud ’55
Philip J. Baehr
Ronald W. Ball ’70
Capt. Stewart R. Barnett III ’67
Richard Barrett ’73
Brother Ralph Baltz 
Thomas J. Baumler ’55
Frederick A. Belou ’54
Howard Bennett
Saxten M. Berggren ’55
Ralph H. Bernos, Jr. ’70
George A. Bertsch ’55
Mike Bertucci ’70
Thomas H. Bienert ’55
Allan H. Bissinger ’70
Earl Jon Bobo ’55
J. Sidney Bonnett
Nickie L. Bonura
Malvin A. Bourgeois ’55
Howard L. Brehm
Horace Louis Brignac
Edwin H. Brink
Miguel S. Brown ’88
Michael A. Burke ’55
Perrin C. Butler
Charles G. Byrne
William B. Byrne, Jr. ’70
John (Johnny) R. Caballero ’77
John W. Calhoun
Eugene (Gene) A. Carboni ’55
Charles J. Carter ’55
Leon Castagne ’17
Kenneth H. Cavanaugh ’67
Victor Cavaroc ’55
Victor V. Cavaroc
Dando Cellini ’62
Lyle Centola ’73
Gavin Chachere ’84
William Lindsay Chapman ’55
Allan C. Civello ’55
Marc Cobb ’76
Robert J. Coffin
David A. Combe ’60
Thomas J. Conklin
Rush Cumming ’73
Edward P. Curry, Sr. ’54
William M. Curry
 Glenn Day ’08
Andre P. V. de La Barre ’77
Louis L. Decell ’55
Lee Degelos ’70
Michael F. Delery 65
Philip C. De Verges ’70
Richard A. Di Betta ’55
Joseph M. Dicharry
Brian M. Dickmann ’75
Bruce A. Didier ’55
Peter H. Doskey
Eugene Doubleday ’55
James Stewart Douglass ’55
Douglas T. Driscoll ’70
Ronald Peter Dufrene ’55
Louis (Numa) Estorge ’55
Norman Joseph Esquerré
Hubert A. Fabacher
Randal J. Ferrara ’78
Bruce M. Fiegler ’70
Angelo J. Fiorella ’55
William J. Fraering, Jr. ’70
J. Baine Fox ’55
Huey J. Franz ’55
Milton L. Gagnon ’55
Guy Gallo ’73
The Honorable Joseph I. Giarrusso Jr. ’70
John “Jack” F. Gibbons, III ’53
Joseph Boots Gattuso
Philip J. Gattuso
Dr. Felix Gaudin
Father Charles Auguste Othenin Girard
Leon (Lee) J. Gluth III ’55
Richard E. Grosch, Jr. ’70
Lowry P. Guibet ’55
Amber Y. Guidry ’03
Michael J. Guimont ’70
Dr. John C. Gustin ’70
The Honorable John J. Hainkel
Christopher G. Hakenjos
Howard Woody Handy ’62
Deacon Maurice J. Hartson III ’55
Carl C. Henderson ’55
Cornelius Heusel ’61
Julian S. Hillery ’55
Gerard F. Hoffman ’55
Jacob (Stanley) Hornung ’55
Dr. Evan P. Howell
Daniel K. Ingrassia ’70
Warren William Jaubert
Robert F. Jeanfreau ’55
Floyd J. Joffrion Sr. ’56
Jay J. Johnston ’70
Thadeus B. Jones ’70
Brother John Kelly
Walter A. Kelly
Piet A. Kessels ’55
A. Gerard Kirkwood, Jr. ’70
Emil S. Kleck ’55
William (Bill) F. Klock ’55
John Lous Lanaux 
Kenneth G. Lannon ’55
Kenneth J. Lapeyre ’55
Andrew J. Laughlin ’55
Mark F. Lawrence ’70
Michael J. Lawton
Charles L. Lazare ’61
Kenneth L. LeBlanc ’55
Semaj Lewis ’16
Salvador J. LoCicero ’55
F. Rene Lorio
Roeling Mace
Frederick W. Mackenroth ’70
Robert. J. Maher III ’01
William Michael Mann ’70
E. Leonard Marquez
John D. Mathews ’55
Michael S. Mathews ’70
Dr. Louis T. Maumus
Gilbert H. Maurin ’70
James G. May
Alton (Al) John McCardle
Dennis V. McCloskey ’55
Raymond F. McCluer
George R. McCormick ’55
Gerald F. McGittigan ’55
Henry Merritt ’79
Richard T. Metcalf ’74
Robert Bobby Meyn
Manuel J. Miyares
John Moore ’55
Michael M. Morris ’68
James F. Mulla ’55
Charles L. Napp ’70
Dr. Guy R. Newell
Patrick R. O’Dowd ’55
Jack Oufnac ’64
Anthony J. Palermo ’59
Joseph George Pastorek III ’91
Norman C. Paternostro
Albert B. Pavy III ’70
Christopher J. Pela ’75
Whitney J. Pelltier, Jr. ’55
Philippi P. Phil St. Pe
David Pierson
Maurice J. Porte
Dr. Albert Prieto
Ian M. Racine
Ernest (E.J.) Joseph Rebaudo ’59
Donald J. Reboul ’70
Richard F. Reynaud ’70
William Richardson III ’55
Michael J. Rice, III ’70
John (Johnny Pat) P. Ronquillo ’72
Raymond Ronquillo Jr. ’56
Michael Rooney ’73
Jon B. Roth ’55
James H. Roussel ’57
Samuel J. Sara III
William Huck Saufley
Jules A. Saunee, III ’70
Dr. Robert Schlottmann ’55
Robert M. Schoenfeld ’62
Lawrence P. Schirling ’70
Robert L. Schorr
Donald (Don) P. Seghers ’55
Henry E. Seiler ’59
Reverend Michael J. Sheehan
Harold James Shelly
George D. Shepard ’55
Edward R. Sherwood II ’55
Rafe Silverstein, Jr. ’70
Melvin W. Smith ’55
Joseph A. Spano ’55
Henry H. St. Paul, III ’70
Donald J. Stabiler
Dr. Frank J. Stass ’70
Felix Q. Stevenson
Albert (Bert) L. Stewart II ’55
Steven F. Stumpf ’67
Denim M. Thibodeaux ’96
James F. Thomas ’00
Salvadore G. Trapani ’55
Carl Lynn Trosclair ’55
Rev. Melvin Joseph Turnage ’55
Dr. Lloyd Van Geffen Jr. ’62
Roy Anthony Vicknair
Orlando Vigil -DLS Faculty Member
Howard Paul Vollenweider
Thomas A. Voltz
Robert (Bob) T. Watts ’55
Thomas A. Werling ’56
Joseph N. Werther
Donald E. Wessel ’55
John T. Wilson ’70
Curtis Curt Zimmerman ’69

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De La Salle High School operates under a non-discriminatory policy which admits students of any race to all rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students at this school, and further meaning, specifically but not exclusively, a policy of making no discrimination on the basis of race in administration of education policies, application for admission, or scholarship and loan program and athletic and extracurricular programs.