July 2016 Letter from the Office of the Principal





Dear Cavalier Parents and Students:

The calendar has turned to July, and the start of school is quickly approaching.  We sincerely hope that you and yours have enjoyed a productive summer and that you are excited about the prospect of the new academic year.

This year, we welcome five new teachers to De La Salle:  Ms. Melissa Grubbs in the Health and Physical Education department; Mr. Al Poree in the Computer Systems and Math departments; Mr. Tyler Sanderlin and Mr. Stephen Weins, both in the Social Studies department; and Ms. Christina Towell, in the Fine Arts department.  We also welcome our new Director of College Placement, Ms. Kate Massey.  We believe they will be tremendous additions to our De La Salle community.


Your child’s schedule will be mailed home this week.

As per the policy stated in the De La Salle Student Handbook, all final decisions regarding student placement and schedules will be made by me.  

We have worked diligently throughout the summer to ensure that your child’s schedule satisfies all the necessary requirements for both De La Salle graduation and Louisiana education standards, while meeting the needs and requests of the individual student.   NOT ALL REQUESTS CAN BE MET.

Changes to your child’s schedule will be considered for the following reason only:  you believe that your child has been incorrectly placed in a course (i.e., she has already taken Biology and has again been placed in Biology; or, he has been incorrectly placed in Honors English III when he should have been placed in College Prep English III).

Students in need of a schedule change for the above listed reason must email me at [email protected] BEFORE Monday, August 1st, with the change they are requesting and the reasons why they request the change.   I will respond to all email requests by the afternoon of Tuesday, August 2nd, and I will make all changes via email throughout the summer.

Schedule changes requested for any other reason, including but not limited to teacher preference, fall vs. spring preference, or last minute tracking placement preference, WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED.


Any student enrolled in an AP or Dual Enrollment Course should be reminded of our handbook policy regarding enrollment in these courses:  Once enrolled in an AP or Dual Enrollment course, students may not withdraw from the course for any reason other than a medical diagnosis provided in writing by a licensed physician.


Friendly reminder that all De La Salle students must read two books over the summer.  Every student must read our One Book for Justice choice, I Am Malala, by Malala Yousafzai. Students will be assessed within the first two months of school on this book. 

Your student also has one summer reading title for his or her English class.  Please visit our website, www.delasallenola.com, and click on the tab for “Students,” then the tab for “Summer Reading” to see which work is required for your childs grade level.


SENIOR PARENT NIGHT (Parents of members of the senior class only)
This event is on Thursday, August 4th, in the library, and will begin at 6:00 pm.  Email Ms. Kate Massey at [email protected] with any questions.


There will be an orientation for all new students and all new parents on Monday, August 8th at 4:00 p.m.  The program will begin promptly at 4:00 pm in the cafeteria, with a welcome from De La Salle President, Mr. Michael Giambelluca.

Students must be dressed in full school uniform for this event.


On Tuesday evening, August 9th, from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm, we will host a New Parent Social in the De La Salle library.  Any new parent to De La Salle is welcome at this event.  Adult beverages and hors d’oeuvres will be served.  Please, we ask that no students/children attend this event.


“Welcome to De La Salle Day,” on Wednesday, August 10th, is a mandatory school day for all students. A flyer will be sent home this week that highlights the schedule times for the day.  Please adhere to these times.  Each student should be accompanied by at least one parent or guardian, unless the student has the capability to handle purchases by check or credit card without adult assistance.  Some of the “Welcome to De La Salle Day” opportunities and payments include:

  • Acquiring an Edline code (mandatory)
  • Purchasing DLS apparel (both mandatory and optional dress apparel);
  • Purchasing locks and physical-education uniforms;
  • Acquiring a Piccadilly Food Services account number;
  • Taking a school picture for yearbook and student ID card;
  • Paying $50.00 in dues to the Cavalier Athletic Club (mandatory).


Friendly reminder that students must “pass” uniform and grooming inspection by the Dean of Students before being permitted to proceed through the line.  Please read all Student Handbook rules carefully to ensure that your Cavalier is in compliance with our dress and grooming codes.


School pictures will be taken by Romaguera photographers on “Welcome to De La Salle Day.”  Students will be photographed in their official white De La Salle uniform shirtBoys are reminded to wear their ties.  Forms for ordering pictures are enclosed with this mailing.  Parents and students have the option to pre-order or turn in the form on this day.  Those wishing to pre-order should log onto http://delasalle.romaguera.com.

School pictures will also be used for class pictures in the DLS yearbook and for student identification (ID) cards.  Student ID cards will be distributed to the students during homeroom at the beginning of the fall semester.  Students are expected to carry their ID cards at all times while on campus.


Parents and students are assigned codes that allow them to access the grade-reporting system Edline/Blackboard.  New parents and students will be issued these codes on “Welcome to De La Salle Day.”

During the school year, it is the responsibility of parents and students to frequently check the students’ progress, attendance, and discipline records on Edline/Blackboard.


Many courses use state textbooks, and these textbooks will be distributed on the first day of class at no charge to the students.  However, there are several courses that use workbooks and non-state textbooks where state assistance is not available.  Therefore, workbooks and non-state textbooks (example: religion texts) must be ordered through the De La Salle online bookstore, MBS Direct.  When you receive your student’s schedule later this week, you are encouraged to visit www.mbsdirect.net to order your child’s books for the school year.

You will use the indicated course numbers on your child’s schedule to order your books.   MBS Direct is offering free shipping on orders placed July 24th through July 30th on orders $99 and over.  To ensure timely delivery, we strongly suggest you place your book orders during the early part of this free shipping week.

(Note:  For 8th graders, Language Arts is a year-round course and will appear in the fall and spring semesters. You DO NOT need to order two sets of the same materials. For 9th graders, English will appear in the fall and/or writing will appear in the spring, but only one set of books is needed for this year-round course).


The calendar for the upcoming school year is posted on our website (www.delasallenola.com).   Holidays, exams days, student activities, etc., are all posted to this calendar.

Parents and students are encouraged to check the calendar frequently as events and/or activities are occasionally added, changed or deleted.


The student handbook is posted on Edline and on the De La Salle website (www.delasallenola.com), and any changes to the handbook will be finalized before the end of July.  The second page of the handbook is a contract certifying that parents and students have carefully read the handbook and fully agree to adhere and abide by the school’s policies, procedures and rules.

For the convenience of parents and students, this contract that parents and students are required to sign will be distributed on “Welcome to De La Salle Day.” Consequently, it is expected that Cavalier parents and students familiarize themselves with the student handbook prior to attending “Welcome to De La Salle Day.”


Piccadilly Food Services will again be our lunch provider. At “Welcome to De La Salle Day,” parents and students will be given specific information about the lunch program as well as account numbers for online payments.  The URL for online payments is www.payforit.net.


De La Salle and its offices will be closed for maintenance purposes from July 16th – July 31st.      We thank the maintenance staff for their efforts during this time period to ready the campus for the opening of school and for their dedication during the school year to maintain and operate the school plant and facilities.


We look forward to your return to campus and the start of the new school year, and we thank you for the gift of your child.  Enjoy the remainder of your summer, and may God bless you and your family!



Paul Kelly, ‘83

Live, Jesus, in our hearts, forever!


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De La Salle High School operates under a non-discriminatory policy which admits students of any race to all rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students at this school, and further meaning, specifically but not exclusively, a policy of making no discrimination on the basis of race in administration of education policies, application for admission, or scholarship and loan program and athletic and extracurricular programs.