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“Under the Oaks Where the Cavaliers Dwell” 

Purchase a commemorative lithograph depicting De La Salle Cavaliers by internationally acclaimed and award-winning New Orleans artist, Terrance Osborne.

“Under the Oaks Where the Cavaliers Dwell” is a sophisticated and whimsical depiction of the students and faculty who make De La Salle such a special place for alumni, parents, and students.

Mr. Osborne earned his Fine Arts Degree from Xavier University of New Orleans. His multi-decade career includes work for local and national companies, including four Jazz and Heritage Festival posters. Terrance and his wife Stephanie are the proud parents of Terrance, and two Cavaliers, Seth ’18, and Sydni ’21.

Purchase the De La Salle print here!

Osborne50738_A, Tue Aug 30, 2016, 3:39:20 PM, 8C, 7578x12882, (1537+680), 133%, straight 6 sto, 1/10 s, R61.5, G38.2, B44.9

View more of Terrance Osborne’s work by visiting his website: www.terranceosborne.com


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