Our Mission

De La Salle High School, located on St. Charles Avenue in uptown New Orleans, is a private, Catholic co-educational school which serves students in grades eight through twelve.

The Mission of De La Salle is to provide a religious, academic, and disciplined education in the 300-year-old Lasallian Tradition of the Christian Brothers.

Our Mission is successful when our students:

  • Understand, respect, and accept themselves and others;
  • Understand what they believe and demonstrate a healthy, positive, and productive value system;
  • Demonstrate a sense of responsibility for the common good while recognizing the value of diversity;
  • Think logically and critically, and
  • Communicate effectively in both oral and written form;
  • Develop their talents in service to school, church, and society;
  • Are people of faith and prayer with clear spiritual values;
  • Take personal pride in De La Salle High School and carry the Lasallian spirit with them into their adult life;
  • Maintain physical fitness and mental health.