I was born on September 1, 1949. The Old Headmaster’s residence of Gilbert Academy was my birthplace. I am still young, yet am filled with the memories of many people who have passed through my halls and left their spirit with me. I am many things, many ideas, many feelings, and many people. I AM DE LA SALLE.

I am hundreds of spirited student and scores of alumni who have striven and toiled for the good of others, and in this toil have found themselves as well. I am the ALMA MATER and the FIGHT SONG. I am the Student Council, the Cheerleaders, the Cavalettes, the Maroon Platoon, the many teams and the fans.
I have cheered for my victorious teams. I have left my name shining in New Orleans and all across the country. I have carried the title of District Champion, State Champion, and Most Valuable Player.

I have also tasted defeat, yet have always returned standing taller and stronger. I am the proms, the magic of La Troupe De La Salle, the fun of the Fais-Do-Do, the homecoming activities, and the Cavalier Classic. I am the National Honor Society, the Honor Roll, the Key Club, and Lasallian Youth. I am the proud seniors at graduation and the frightened eighth graders on the first day of school.

I have been a leader in education. I started Mu Alpha Theta in Louisiana and helped to establish its state organization. I founded advanced placement classes and television teaching in the city of New Orleans. I have been the state officer of many organizations and have won honors in district and state literary rallies.

I am the students, the teachers, the administrators, the Brothers, the hot Mondays, the expectant Fridays, and the long in-betweens. I am a community called into existence by a dream of God and the courage and perseverance of the founder of the Brothers of the Christian Schools, St. John Baptist de La Salle.

I am the excitement of being elected to office, the solidity of friendships made in homeroom, classes and activities. I am the good moments and the bad moments. I am the wins and the losses, the retreats, and the seminars. I am the Maroon Legend, The Cavalier, and the literary magazine. I have marched on football fields and in Mardi Gras parades in heat, cold, wind and rain.

I am a group of spirited teenagers who have discovered not just a school, but OUR school where no one is insignificant and everyone is important. I am more than just waving banners and posters. I am greater than these things because I am a Lasallian Community of students, faculty, parents, graduates and Christian Brothers.

Yes, I AM DE LA SALLE. I am a collection of God’s varied creation. I am man and woman. I was conceived in a Christian concept at a Lasallian moment in time, and I will seek to nourish the hearts and dreams of the young and the old in continued excellence all the days of my existence. May I always exhibit the same enthusiastic spirit that I have shown in the past. May I grow beyond my own limits and influence life all around me. May the provident God, whose work I am, and in whose presence I live, always be the center of my being and concern. May I always have the dignity and the integrity to stand up for my convictions and “SING OUT, DE LA SALLE, LEAD ON!”